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Plain Flesh Tunnel - Red Coral

The offer refers to 1 piece. When buying 2 pieces, we send a matching pair

Each piece is a handmade unique piece therefore slight variations in shape, color, structure and size (+/- 1 mm) are possible

Optimal hold due to the saddle shape of the plug - high quality

Exceptional individual jewelry - intended for everyday life or for special moments

A very rare tunnel made of natural materials with very beautiful marbling for men and women

Exceptional, handmade organic coral tunnel with a beautiful grain.

For everyday life or for special moments - stands out for its noble marbled structure and it is characterized by very good craftsmanship.

Each tunnel is handmade and unique.
The focus on nature and traditional craftsmanship characterizes Fly Style.

Individual ear jewelry for men and women - intended for everyday use or for special moments.

Coral is certainly one of the most colorful marine life. Sea animal from the class of flower animals, that lives in colonies, who often live in limestone scaffolding in tropical seas. For these items no living coral was killed. Only dead coral pieces are used, found on land. The cavities of the coral pieces are - before they are formed into plugs - filled with colored resin, so the structure is particularly beautiful.

Jewelry made from corals and other organic materials (e.g. wood, horn and bone) provide great comfort due to their light weight. As opposed to piercing jewelry from artificial materials or metals the development of odors while wearing them is greatly reduced. This article is available in different sizes and as custom-made oversize product. When used properly the jewelry is harmless but cannot be sterilized.

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