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Triangular Horn Flesh Tunnel with Red Lines

The offer refers to 1 piece. When buying 2 pieces, we send a matching pair

Optimal, comfortable fit in the ear due to the shape off the plug (Saddle Plugs)

Handmade from natural materials: variations in shape (+/- 1 mm), color and structure possible

Handmade triangular ear tunnel made of black buffalo horn with red bone inlays.

Hand-carved and polished from real American water buffalo horn. The double, red line is made from real bone.
Earrings for women and men. Available in sizes (4 mm - 30 mm)

Due to the saddle shape - narrower in the middle, no holding rubberw are required and the flesh tunnel sits optimally on the ear and does not slip.

Jewelry made of organic materials (e.g. wood, horn and bone) offers the best wearing comfort due to its light weight and, in contrast to piercing jewelry made of plastics or metals, the odor formation is greatly reduced when worn and is suitable for allergy sufferers. When used as intended, the jewelry is safe but cannot be sterilized. With regular care you will enjoy it for longer.

Each item is handmade, one of a kind, always unique in color and shape. Fly Style is characterized by its focus on natural materials and traditional craftsmanship.

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