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The Punisher Horn Plug with Skull Bone Inlay

The offer refers to 1 piece. When buying 2 pieces we ship a matching pair

Available in different sizes

Made of water buffalo horn

Handmade from natural materials: variations in shape (+/- 1mm), color and structure possible

Hand carved ear plug from genuine buffalo horn with skull bone inlay "The Punisher"

Double flared plugs (also called saddle plugs) are tapered in the middle and therefore have an optimal fit in the earlobe.

Since buffalo horn is rarely available rare in large sizes, this plug is manufactured from size 24mm alternatively of dark Sonoholz (Sonokeling / Indian rosewood). See more pictures to the listing.

Water buffaloes are kept in Southeastern Europe and Southeast Asia as farm animals. He gets his name because of his predilection for cool and wet places on hot summer days. In comparison to cattle, it adapts better to climatic changes and is more resistant to diseases. The horn of the water buffalo is popular amongst jewelry manufacturers but also bow makers and knife makers.

The Punisher is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics. He's a criminal hunter, pursues vigilante justice and does not shy away from violent practices.
Driven by the murder of his wife and his son, Frank Castle leads a vendetta against all criminals. As a war veteran, he is a master in close combat, stealth, strategic planning and the use of various weapons.

Jewelry from organic materials (e.g. wood, horn and bone) provide great comfort due to their light weight. As opposed to piercing jewelry from artificial materials or metals the development of odors while wearing them is greatly reduced. This article is available in different sizes and as custom-made oversize product. When used properly the jewelry is harmless but cannot be sterilized.

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