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Masonic Ring from Stainless Steel - MASTER MASON with the Square, Compass and "G" symbol, Masonry Trowel

Width front: approx. 20mm

Handmade: Slight variations in size (+/-0,3mm), color and shape are possible.

Exclusive masonic signet ring made of highly polished 316L surgical steel for men

Square and Compass:
These are the basic symbols of freemasonism. They stand for transcendence and the individual human being. The angular measure stands for justice, honesty, law and duty as well as for moral behavior in general. The compasses counts as instrument of creating and pondering intellicence, but also as symbol of brotherhood and service on people. The depiction of compasses and angular measure symbolizes the balance between intellectual and material powers.

The Symbol "G":
is often interpreted as an abbreviation for "geometry", the fifth science or for God or gnosis. In younger freemasonist interpretation the "G" ist lead back to cabalistic influences of freemasonism of the 18th century. According to that the "G" has originally been a "6". The number "6" stands there for the 6th sphere, the center of the sun in the cosmic diagram of Kabbalah, the tree of life (Otz Chaim) and means "Tipheret" (beauty). This sphere is also the so called I-center of the diagram thus the area of self-discovery. In this respect the "G" or "6" fits the substance of freemasonism well: one of their most important principles is "Distinguish/Identify yourself!". It's a well known fact that freemasonism has no dogma and so it is up to each brother to interpret "G" or "6" as he pleases.

The Trowel:
(french: Truelle, german Kelle) As a tool to apply mortar to bricks it symbolizes the uniting and firming work in the brotherhood. The individuals of the brotherhood, united by ceremony and the practices of freemasonry, work together to better themselves and society.
It is also used as a symbol for the degree of the journeyman or in general as a symbol for universal humanity.

The Hammer:
serves as a reminder of the duty of the freemasons to better themselves, to rid their personality of sharp edges and corners. The presiding Master of a lodge and the two wardens carry a hammer as a sign of their status.
Its shape is eighter a stonemasons maul or a two-headed gavel (french: maillet). The pick hammer is regarded a symbol of the apprentice: With it the raw stone is brought into shape.

    Advantages of stainless steel over silver:
  • no tarnishing of the material
  • no discoloration of skin or clothing
  • much harder than silver and thus practically indestructible
  • durable brilliance due to no corrosion
  • anti-allergenic

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