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Masonic / Illuminati Signet Stainless Steel Ring

Exclusive men's ring with Masonic symbols in surgical steel 316L

The seal contains the Eye of Providence Horus, Compass & Angle

1 dollar note with the inscription Novus Ordo Seclorum - New World Order

A Templar cross and a skull and crossbones adorn the ring sides

Frontal size: approx.: 20 x 20 mm

Exclusive ring made of highly polished 316L surgical steel

Surgical steel is much harder than silver, does not stain, is hypoallergenic and retains its permanent shine because it is corrosion-free.

The signet shows the all seeing eye with circle and angle on Acacian twigs and the Symbol "G".
Below you see the banner from the one dollar note with the latin inscription
"Novus ordo seclorum" - New order of the ages.
Encarved on the left brace is the templar cross and on the right the Skull'n Bones emblem.

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