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925 silver ring with Celtic knot pattern for women and men

1x silver ring high gloss polished with unique pattern very high quality workmanship

925 sterling silver ideal for allergy sufferers

Width: approx. 9 millimeters very comfortable to wear on the finger due to optimal fit

Design: Tasteful combination of 3 braided bands in blackened look

Handmade silver ring of solid 925 sterling silver in high gloss polished design with celtic knot pattern. This noble and chic band ring is suitable for ladies and gentlemen alike.

Celtic knot
Celtic knots are banded knot or braid patterns, in which the banding is endless. Almost all symbols used in the Celtic knot can be combined and combined as desired. Many characters have "infinity characters" in which a line or a band never ends, but returns to itself. The ribbons consist of knots, wheels, stars and crosses as signs of power and for the gods. Some also claim that a Celtic knot is supposed to represent the attachment of the human soul to the world and the never-ending spiritual process of man.

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