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Bracelet / Necklace from india rubber with Design Clasp

ATTENTION! The closure is 2 mm THICKER than the selected band

This timeless chic rubber chain can be worn by men and women as a choker, chain or bracelet

The high-quality design stainless steel lever clasp prevents unintentional loosening of the necklace

Ideal for combining with a pendant, but also without a pendant, this necklace is a wonderful accessory

Important information about the handling and care of these pieces of jewelry can be found in the article description

Timeless chic necklace / bracelet made of natural rubber for women and men. Perfect to combine with a pendant.

The selectable lengths refer to the total length when open. For comfortable wear, choose a length that is 1.5 - 2 cm longer than your arm or neck circumference. Also available as bracelet in 5 mm thickness.

When combining these necklaces with a pendant please remember the lever pressure clasp is always 2 mm thicker than the selected band thickness. The high-quality stainless steel (316L) lever pressure clasp is very secure and makes the necklace or the bracelet an optical highlight.

    Care instructions:
  • Regular care with vaseline, glycerin or tallow can prevent damage. Simply spread the agent with a thin cloth, let it soak overnight and then wipe it of with a soft cloth. The material will shine beautifully and will stay longer smoother.
  • Rubber can gradually lose its elasticity and flexibility due to overexposure to sunlight (also in the solarium). Likewise, frequent contact with perfume, cosmetics, and heavy perspiration can reduce the durability of rubber. The material can become hard, brittle or shrink.

Natural rubber:
Natural rubber (Indian Rubber) is extracted from the juice of the rubber tree separated and solidified in water and other materials by a complex process. Since we use only natural rubber and not the chemically synthetic rubber, we strongly recommend that you follow our instructions for care and handling.

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