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Braided Necklace / Bracelet / Choker made of Vegan Leather with a Stainless Steel Design Clasp

Design lever pressure clasp made of 316L stainless steel approx. 2 mm thicker than the chain

Ideal for combining with a chain pendant - eyelet at least 3 mm larger than the thickness of the chain

The highly polished design lever pressure lock made of surgical stainless steel 316L closes this vegan leather chain securely and also looks particularly stylish.

When combining with a chain pendant, make sure that the clasp is about 2 millimeters thicker than the respective chain. So choose a pendant with an eyelet that is at least 3 millimeters larger than the strength of the chosen chain.

For a comfortable fit as a choker or bracelet, please choose approx. 1.5 to 2 cm more than your real arm or neck circumference.

During the cool down period of the casting process molten stainless steel forms a layer of chromium oxide. This reduces the contact of the skin with the low nickel content and makes the material hypoallergenic and also lowers the possibility of proliferation of microorganisms and bacteria. Surgical steel is thus first choice for newly made piercings.

  • no discoloring of the skin or clothing
  • much harder than silver and practically indestructible
  • long lasting shine (corrosion-free)

Aviod wearing Leather-Jewelry when exercising, in the shower and sauna etc.
Repeated contact with skin care products (such as shower gel and perfumes) and sweat can reduce the leather's flexibility and longevity.

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