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Horn Piercing Stretcher - Bone Tribal

1 Piece

Ø outside approx.: 6mm = 32mm | 8mm = 34mm | 10mm = 38mm | 12mm = 44mm | 14mm = 46mm | 16mm = 52mm | 18mm = 54mm | 20mm = 58mm | 22mm = 63mm

Handmade from natural Materials: slight variations in thickness (±1mm), shape, size, colors and patterns are possible.

Hand carved piercing disc stretcher from buffalo horn with bone tribal inlays

Jewelry made ​​of organic materials (eg wood, mother of pearl and bone) offers the best comfort during use as opposed to piercing jewelry from artificial materials or metals and the development of odors is greatly reduced when wearing. This article is available in various sizes. When used properly the jewelry is harmless but can not be sterilized.