Stretcher Taper from Acrylic with Rubber Rings in White, Black or Transparent

1 Piece - Taper made of black, white or transparent acrylic

Create your own stretching set

each taper comes with 2 rubber rings

approx. length at size: 2mm: 35mm | 3mm: 36mm | 4mm: 38mm | 6mm: 43mm | 8mm: 52mm | 10mm: 56mm

12mm: 35mm | 14mm: 36mm | 16mm: 38mm | 18mm: 43mm | 20mm: 67mm | 22mm: 68mm | 24mm: 68mm

Stretcher taper made of black, white or transparent acrylic and with two black rubber O-rings in various sizes

Create your own stretching set.

So you get safely and gradually through the stretching process. For an optimal hold, the tapers additionally fixed with 2 rubber rings

Our acrylic tapers, tubes and piercing spirals are absolutely harmless and therefore optimally suitable for persons with allergies through the skin-friendly properties of this material. They are not autoclavable though.

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