1 pair of extra soft silicone flesh tunnels with a narrow edge

10 Millimeters long

Edges 4 millimeters wider than the diameter in the carrying area

soft and flexible, very good hold in the ear

Material: silicone - hypoallergenic, skin-friendly properties, particularly suitable for sports and leisure activities

1 pair of light and extra soft silicone flesh tunnels. Very flexible for the best wearing comfort, especially for sports and leisure activities or when wearing helmets.

These tunnels have a 4 millimeter wider rim on both sides, which ensures a secure hold. Due to the very narrow wall thickness of these silicone tunnels, the ear hole appears much larger than in comparable tunnels. Look at the picture with the measurements to avoid misunderstandings when choosing the size.

Due to the skin-friendly properties of the material our Silicone Plugs and Tunnels are suitable for people suffering from allergies. They are however not sterilizable.

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