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German Armed Forces Ring Iron Cross Jewelry

Iron cross soldier biker rings for men with 20x20 mm seal in different ring sizes (18.1 - 23.9 mm)

Advantages: Much harder than silver, lasting shine, no staining on the skin or clothing

Comfortable wear due to a weight of only 16 grams

The eagle stands for courage, vision and strength while the German Cross stands for bravery


Men's ring with 20 x 20 mm eagle as seal flanked by 2 iron crosses

The Iron Cross is closely associated to Germany since here it represents the highest military commendation. It was founded by emperor Friedrich Wilhelm III. of Prussia in 1813 during the war against Napoleon and consists of silver rimmed iron. It was awarded in all later wars up to World war II. As opposed to the swastika the iron cross was never removed from the German iconography.

The eagle stands for immortality, courage, wisdom and power. He is said to be the king of the heavens and messenger of the gods. In one old belief it is said to look directly into the sun when flying up. Thus the eagle became a symbol for ascension to heaven and redemption of the soul.
The old Greeks connected the eagle to the god Zeus, the romans with Jupiter and the Germanics with Odin. Also in Christian belief the eagle is to be found: as symbol for Jesus Christ's Ascension and also as an attribute of St. John.

The "wreath of wheat" often is part of political symbols, badges or logos. It symbolizes rich harvests and wealth and as such represents the farmers or agriculture in general. Its meaning can be compared to that of the sickle (as in "hammer and sickle").
During the existance of communism in Middle and Eastern Europe the wreath of wheat could be found in many flags or emblems of socialist states. From 1950 to 1990 a wreath of wheat decorated the state emblem of the GDR.


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