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Skull bone ring in Keith Richards style

Exceptional buffalo bone ring in Keith Richards style without jaw

Many ring sizes available(15.6 - 23.5 mm)

High quality natural jewellery carved for bikers, rockers & tough men

Handmade from natural materials: small variations in size, shape, color and material structure possible

Skull as a statement of power, fearlessness and unconditional toughness

Intricately carved buffalo bone ring in skull design in Keith Richards style

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Since the rings are made of natural materials they can break more easily than rings made of metals, so the ring size should always be slightly larger than your usual size.
Tight-fitting rings made of wood, horn or bone tend to break more easily
The skulls vary depending on size 49 (15.6) = 20 x 18 mm, size 74 (23.6) = 30 x 28 mm.

Every ring has a meaning. This extraordinary ring stands for fearlessness, bravery and unconditional toughness.
In the Christian West, the skull stands for transience and mortality but also for power and war.
In Islam, however, death is only a transitional phase. Unlike Christian funerals, cremation is unthinkable among Muslims.

Each piece of jewellery is a handmade unique, no one is like the other, because every single piece is always unique in color and shape.

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