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Masonic Sterling Siver Ring - All Seeing Eye

Size front: approx. 14x16mm

Handmade silver ring Eye of Providence from finest and solid .925 sterling silver

The Eye of Providence:
Today, the Eye of Providence is usually associated with Freemasonry. It is also called the "all-seeing eye". It is usually surrounded by a triangle. The triangle stands for holy trinity and the eye as symbol for fire, the enlightning sciences, of eternal all-seeing and all-knowing light and of God himself. The open eye symbolizes the ever revealing truth, asks to wisdom and appeals to the conscience. It is used to measure the greatest distances. In the freemasonist lodges it also stands for wisdom, strength and beauty. You can find the eye of providence also on the back of each one-dollar note.

...is often interpreted as an abbreviation for "geometry", the fifth science or for God or gnosis. In younger freemasonist interpretation the "G" ist lead back to cabalistic influences of freemasonism of the 18th century. According to that the "G" has originally been a "6". The number "6" stands there for the 6th sphere, the center of the sun in the cosmic diagram of Kabbalah, the tree of life (Otz Chaim) and means "Tipheret" (beauty). This sphere is also the so called I-center of the diagram thus the area of self-discovery. In this respect the "G" or "6" fits the substance of freemasonism well: one of their most important principles is "Distinguish/Identify yourself!". It's a well known fact that freemasonism has no dogma and so it is up to each brother to interpret "G" or "6" as he pleases.

These are the basic symbols of freemasonism. They stand for transcendence and the individual human being. The angular measure stands for justice, honesty, law and duty as well as for moral behavior in general. The compasses counts as instrument of creating and pondering intellicence, but also as symbol of brotherhood and service on people. The depiction of compasses and angular measure symbolizes the balance between intellectual and material powers.

This symbol plays a role in the so called Hiram-Legend which by itself is probably an ancient initiation ritual of the Rosicrucian. The acacia stood on the grave of the murdered temple master builder Hiram and is as such a symbol for mastery.

The "Templar's Cross" (also "paw cross" or "lily cross") was only worn by the elite of the templar knights. It mostly was shown in red since this color was percieved as a symbol for the spilled blood of Jesus Christ. The tips of the cross stood for the connection of intellectual power to the bravery of the knights through the cross of christ.

The skull is a widely known symbol of Vanitas and "Memento Mori" which goes to show the bodys limited time on earth and it's inevitable turn to dust.
"Skull and Bones" is a fraternity in form of a secret society on campus of Yale University which was founded in 1832. It is financed by the "Russell Trust Association" which - as a former organisation - was incorporated into the university in 1856. It's headquarters are at the campus in a building which is known as "tomb", "temple", "T" or "Boodle". "Skull and Bones" is known under different names: "The Order of Death" or simply "The Order", "The Eulogian Club" or "Lodge 322". Initiated men are called "Bonesmen", "Knights of Eulogia" or "Boodle Boys". Since 1991 women also are allowed as members where the name differs accordingly: "Boneswomen", "Ladies of Eulogia" and "Boodle Girls". "Skull and Bones" is known to have produced leading representatives of politics and economics, amongst them three presidents of the United States of America.