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Black Horn Ring with Turquoise Tribal

Width: approx. 11 mm

Handmade from natural materials: slight variations in size, color, form and material structures are possible

Exclusive handmade ring from black buffalo horn with turquoise colored bone inlays

Since rings from natural materials can break more easily than rings made of metals, the ring size should be chosen always slightly larger. Rings from wood, horn or bone too tight are more likely to crack or break.

The name "turquoise" probably comes from Greek and means as much as "Turkish Stone". It has always been regarded a strong protective stone.
Turqoises are the holy stones of the american indians. They believed the turqoise to act as a direct connection between sky and the seas and thus worshiped it as a protective and healing stone. According to their beliefs the turqoises power is especially strong in connection to red coral.
Egyptians and Greeks also used and worshiped it as decorative and healing stone. Not only burial objects have often been of turqoise but also many decorative or cultural items. "Turqoise has the ability to avert everything evil and an unnatural death from it's owner." It has the warning attribute to change color in light of serious illnesses or approaching bad fate.