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Wide Striped Karen Hill Tribe Silver Ring

Size front: approx. 18 mm (width)

The concave shape makes this silver ring an eye-catcher on the finger

Hand-forged by the Karen people, therefore variations in shape, color and structure possible

Hand-forged wide Karen Hill Tribe ring made from the finest sterling silver with textured surface and a concave shape

The specified sizes refer to the closed ring size. Because the rings are open, they can be adjusted to each finger

925 silver
…is also called sterling silver and derives from the early English silver pennies (sterlings). It consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals such as copper. Besides the material value 925 silver has even more advantages: Due to the copper content it is significantly harder than 999 fine silver, less prone to "tarnishing" than other silver contents (e.g. 800 Silver or 835 Silver).

Cleaning & Care
Silver jewelry reacts with sweat, body cosmetics and detergents by tarnishing. That's why we recommend that you do not wear your silver jewelry during gardening, sports, showers or sauna. For cleaning we recommend silver cleaning cloths. These are soaked with chemical substances and dissolve the silver sulfide. Your cleaning cloth will turn black. The advantage is that the material removal is less than by polishing.

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