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Black and Silver Stainless Steel Band Ring with Stripes

1x ring with cool color contrast with 3 silver stripes - width approx. 8 millimeters

High quality Surgical Steel 316L stainless steel - not comparable with conventional stainless steel

Due to its anodized surface, it is particularly hard and scratch-resistant

Comfortable for every finger in a biker, rocker, rockabilly style

A ring for different occasions; perfect for business, classic, or sporty outfit

Handmade elegant band ring with sexy black-silver color contrast

Made in highest quality and sits perfectly on the finger thanks exquiste craftsmanship.
Due to its optimal width of approx. 8 millimeters, it is ideal to use with a suit or sporty outfit.

Our jewelry is not comparable to conventional stainless steel, it is made of high quality 316L Surgical Steel
and is thus effectively protected against tarnishing of the metal.
By anodizing the surface additionally receives a particularly durable and scratch-resistant seal.
It is characterized by special properties such as beeing skin-friendly, permanent shine (corrosion-free) and no discoloration on the skin / clothing.

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