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Puzzle Ring made of 316L stainless steel with Templar cross

The offer refers to one piece - wide range of ring sizes are available

The band width is 8 millimeters

Surgical steel 316L rings are much harder than silver, do not stain, are hypoallergenic and retain their permanent shine without corrosion

Highly polished 2 piece puzzle ring with Templar cross. One part of the ring is highly polished, the other is brushed matte.

The ring is made of 316L surgical stainless steel. This material is much harder than silver, does not stain, is hypoallergenic and retains its permanent shine.

Templar cross
The Templar Cross was worn only by the Knights Templar elite. Most of the time it was painted red, because this color was a symbol of the spilled blood of Christ. The ends of the cross (paws) stood for the connection of spiritual power through the cross of Christ with the courage of the knights.

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