Stainless Steel Pentagram Baphomet Pendant

SPECIAL DESIGN: The necklace pendant is very detailed with the Baphomet seal as a central eye-catcher. The 5 Hebrew characters read the word "Leviathan", named after the sea monster of Judaeo-Christian mythology

STEEL: Harder than silver, does not stain, is anti-allergenic and retains its lasting shine - these are just some of the benefits of the Fly Style pentagram pendant

NOTE: The round pendant is 30 mm wide. The eyelet has a diameter of 5 mm. To be able to wear it with a necklace you should therefore use a chain with a diameter of max. 4-5 mm to ensure that it fits through the eyelet

Pentagram pendant with the seal of Baphomet made of stainless steel

Unique design
The pendant has a diameter of 30 mm. It is rather discreet but guarantees attention due to the filigree work. The details and contours have been worked with the utmost care and precision. The surface is polished and therefore looks like real silver, except that stainless steel is much harder and almost indestructible.

316L surgical steel has special properties:
During production, this stainless steel forms a coat of chromium oxide on cooling, which prevents contact of the low nickel content with the skin. As a result, the material is hypoallergenic and also reduces the proliferation of microorganisms and bacteria due to its high surface quality. Surgical steel is therefore very often used for first use piercings.
Other advantages: No staining on the skin or clothing, much harder than silver and thus virtually indestructible. Permanent shine, because it is corrosion-free

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