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Wood Stretcher Twist - Sono Twister

made by hand from natural materials: Deviations of size (+/- 1 mm), color and structure possible

1 Piece

Handmade from natural materials: slight variations in thickness (+/-1mm), shape, size, colors and patterns are possible.

Handcrafted stretcher twist from brown Sonokeling wood (East Indian Palisander, also called Rosewood)

Body jewelry made of organic materials (eg wood, horn and bone) offers you best comfort and light weight opposed to piercing jewelry made of plastics or metals. Odor development when wearing is highly reduced. This item is available in various sizes and also in custom-made large sizes. During normal use the jewelry is safe but cannot be sterilized.

Many rosewoods have a noticeable aroma even when dry, which led to its name in English. So for example Rio rosewood has an almond-like sweet aroma and the East Indian sonokeling rosewood a sharp aromatic smell.

Jewelry from organic materials (i.e. wood, horn and bone) offers best wearing comfort due to its light weight and is suitable for people with allergies. As opposed to Piercing-Jewelry made from synthetic materials or stainless steel the formation of odors during wearing is greatly reduced. When used as intended the jewelry is harmless but not sterilizable. It will last a very long time given regular cleaning and correct treatment.

For centuries, Palisander Rosewood has been a valuable wood of dark color and great hardness. Many Palisander woods have a perceptible aroma even when dry, which led to the common name "Rosewood" in English. E.g. Rio Rosewood smells almond-like and sweet and the East Indian Sonokeling Rosewood hot and aromatic.