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Fine 925 Silver Necklace in 5 lengths

Noble snake chain / necklace selectable in 5 lengths with a chain thickness of approx. 1 mm

Made of genuine 925 silver with elongated rounded interlocking links

5 different lengths 41 I 46 I 51 I 56 I 61 cm

Weight: 3.2 - 6.3 g depending on the length | Diameter springring clasp approx. 4.5 mm

Shipped in velvet bag - a perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas or anniversary

Fine snake chain necklace approx. 1 mm wide without pendant made of high quality 925 sterling silver.

Stylish, pretty silver necklace handcrafted and polished in jeweler's high quality. The elongated chain links, which are alternately joined together result in a coherent mesh look. The rounded links ensure a comfortable fit on the neck. Secured with the popular springring clasp.
It fits all of your desired outfits; Festive, Sporty, Classic, Romantic, Casual, or Feminine. The gorgeous shine of real silver jewelry gives your cleavage mysterious beauty.

Currently available in five different lengths:

    Size information:
  • Chain thickness approx. 1 mm
  • Diameter springring clasp: approx. 4.5 mm
  • 41 cm: (weight approx. 3.2 g)
  • 46 cm: (weight approx. 4.8 g)
  • 51 cm: (weight approx. 5.4 g)
  • 56 cm: (weight approx. 5.9 g)
  • 61 cm:(weight approx. 6.3 g)

925 silver
... also called sterling silver that derives from the early English silver pennies (sterlings). It consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals such as copper. In addition to the material value 925 silver has other advantages: Due to the copper content it is significantly harder than 999 fine silver, less prone to "tarnishing" than other types of silver (for example, 800 silver or 835 silver).

Each piece is handmade and unique in color and shape.
Handmade: slight variations in shape, color and structure possible.
The focus on nature and traditional craftsmanship characterizes Fly Style.

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