Rings from different Woods

Model A: width (front): approx. 28 mm | Model B: width approx. 12 mm | Model C: width (front): approx. 28 mm | Model D: width (front): approx. 28 mm | Model E: width (front): approx.. 27 mm | Model F: width approx. 10 mm | Model G: width approx. 4 mm

Model H: width approx. 6 mm

Handmade from natural materials: slight variations in size, color, form and material structures are possible

Handmade rings from different woods

  • Model A: Sugar Palm
  • Model B: Sugar Palm
  • Model C: Sono Wood
  • Model D: Ebony Wood
  • Model E: Ebony Wood
  • Model F: Sono Wood / Crocodile Wood
  • Model G: Coconut Wood
  • Model H: Sono Wood
  • Our organic jewelry is through the skin-friendly properties of the material completely safe for allergy sufferers.

    Many types of rosewood have a noticeable aroma even when dry, which led to its name in English. So for example Rio rosewood has an almond-like sweet aroma and the East Indian sonokeling rosewood a sharp aromatic smell.