Karen Hill Silver Ring 925 in antique used design

Different ring sizes selectable

Width: 13 mm | Weight 5-6 g

Adjustable ring sizes - suitable for every finger

Hand-forged - made by the Karen people

Absolutely rare, hand-forged Karen Hill Tribe ring made of the finest 925 sterling silver in antique used design with braided pattern

Do you like extravagant and chic fashionable accessories? Then combine your Karen Hilltribe silver ring to your individual and glamorous Boho outfit.

Different ring sizes selectable.

Karen Hill jewelry by Fly Style is produced directly by the Karen, a group of people in the north of Thailand. The Karen originally came from Myanmar. In the 1990s, many of them fled to Thailand due to the military force in their home country and settled in the mountains and forests around Mae Hong. Today, they traditionally produce silver jewelery of the best handmade quality. Whether rings, bracelets or earrings - Fly Style jewelry from Karen Hilltribe has a silver content between 95% and 99%. It is softer than the 925 silver since it is not mixed with copper, has a lighter color and doesn't tarnish as fast. Nevertheless, it has 925 engraved.

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