925 Sterling Silver Ring for men and women

Elegant finger ring for festive occasions or to match a chic business look

Depending on the width the rings have a weight between 4.2 - 10.5 grams

5 different widths in 4 mm | 5 mm | 6 mm | 8 mm | 10 mm to choose from

Handcrafted ring made of the finest 925 sterling silver in a highly polished design

5 different widths to choose from: 4 mm | 5 mm | 6 mm | 8 mm | 10 mm
as well as many different ring sizes

The narrow rings (4-6 mm) look very discreet on the finger and they fit perfectly a business suit. and elegant dress or a sporty everyday look in men or women
The wide rings (8-10 mm) are more massive and are therefore very popular with bikers, so they can be worn as a thumb ring.