Stainless Steel Ring of Knights Templar

Width (front): approx. 18mm

Handmade from 316L Stainless Steel

With black onyx agate and templar cruxes.

    Advantages of stainless steel over silver:
  • no tarnishing of the material
  • no discoloration of skin or clothing
  • much harder than silver and thus practically indestructible
  • durable brilliance due to no corrosion
  • anti-allergenic

At it's founding the "Knights Templar" (also called Templars - approx. 1118-1312) was (after the Maltese Fraternity) the second clerical fraternity of knights to follow the crusades. It's full name is "Poor Knighthood Christi of the Solomonian Temple" (Pauperes commilitones Christi templique Salomonici Hierosalemitanis). The fraternity united the ideals of noble knighthood with those of the monks, two classes which until then were separated strictly. The name "Poor Knighthood Christi of the Solomonian Temple" comes from the circumstance that King Balduin offered one wing of his palace (todays Al-Aqsa-Mosque, before Basilica St. Mary on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem) as quarters. This palace was errected at the foundation of the earlier Solomon's Temple.
The "Paw's Cross" or "Templa's Cross" in red color on white background was the emblem of the Templars and appeared also on the black and white flag of the Templars (also called "Beauceant"). Originally the red cross on white background was reserved for the crusaders. The patron of the "Knights Templar" in it's founding times, Bernhard of Clairvaux, convinced the pope to give the Templars the right to wear the crusaders cross with the argument, this fraternity was on a constant crusade.

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