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Bone Rings with Horn Inlays

Iron Cross: size (front) approx. 24x24mm | Star: width (front) approx.. 17mm

Spiral: size (front) approx. 22x25mm | Spiral with Dots: width (front) approx. 36mm

Handmade from natural materials: slight variations in size (+/-1mm), shape, colors and patterns are possible

Handmade rings from american buffalo bone with different inlays from black horn

Our organic jewelry are absolutely harmless and therefore optimally suitable for persons with allergies through the skin-friendly properties of this material.

Since rings from natural materials can break more easily than rings made of metals, the ring size should be chosen always slightly larger. Rings from wood, horn or bone too tight are more likely to crack or break.

The Iron Cross is closely associated to Germany since here it represents the highest military commendation. It was founded by emperor Friedrich Wilhelm III. of Prussia in 1813 during the war agains Napoleon and consists of silver rimmed iron. It was awarded in all later wars up to Worldwar 1. As opposed to the swastika the iron cross was never removed from the german iconography.

Templar / Knights Cross:
The "Templar's Cross" (also "paw cross" or "lily cross") was only worn by the elite of the templar knights. The tips of the cross (paws) stood for the connection of intellectual power to the bravery of the knights through the cross of christ.

The symbol of the spiral fascinates human kind for eons. Maybe that is because man encounteres spirals in nature in ever new amazing ways. In the growth pattern of snail shells, vortexes and tornados. Less obvious is the spiral pattern in fir cones or of sun flower seeds. Also the sun - viewed from earth - describes a spiral movement throughout the year. The air moves in spirals, weather phenomena of high and low pressure areas are spirals.
Depending on rotational direction the meaning of the symbol changes:
A counterclockwise spiral is an allegory of involution. It stands for the movement towards the center, inwards to the center of the energy.
A clockwise spiral moves outward. Here it is a symbol for movement, expansion, development and embracing of life.
In symbolism it stands for the continuity of progress. A spiral is always in motion, so it also symbolizes central and endless motion.