Stainless Steel Skull Ring | Audacious Pilot

EYE-CATCHER:Due to its extraordinary design this unique ring impresses as amazing biker jewelry

HIGH QUALITY: The surgical steel used is harder than silver, does not stain, is hypoallergenic and retains its permanent shine. These are just some of the benefits of Fly Style's stainless steel rings

The skull measures approx. 29/32 x 55/64 inch (23x22mm)

Unique skull ring made of highly polished surgical steel

Morbid Charm - Stainless Steel Skull Rings as a amazing accessory:While bikers associate fearlessness, valor, and unconditional rigor with skulls, the military see it as a symbol of combat and war. Goths, on the other hand, use it as a symbol of transience and mortality.
For what stands your new Fly Style skull ring?

Filigree work - impressive effect:
The skull contours are detailed and give your new stainless steel ring a unique and stunning design. This impressive ring shows a bold pilot with helmet and aviator glasses.

316L Surgical Steel:
Due to the production process, stainless steel forms a chromium oxide shell, which encloses the nickel content of the material and prevents its contact with the skin. This process makes it hypoallergenic. The very high surface quality counteracts the multiplication of microorganisms, which is why this material is often used for first use piercings. Further advantages: No staining on the skin or clothing, much harder than silver and thus virtually indestructible, lasting shine, because it is corrosion-free.