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Sterling Silver Ring - 1% er / Onepercenter

1%er signet ring with iron cross skull and outlaw 666 Engraving made of 925 sterling silver in different ring sizes

Special silver rings for bikers and rockers in a noble velvet pouch

The signet is 22 x 18 mm in size | The band is 18 mm wide | The weight is 15 g

Handmade silver ring for Biker from finest and solid .925 sterling silver

The signet shows the iron cross with 1%er logo. Inscripted are the words "666 Outlaw 666".

In spring of 1960 Rocker history was written when the Hells Angels entertained the probably first presi-conference of biker history. All kinds of clubs met in San Francisco who's members were fighting each other until then. Everyone was faced with the same problem: the police pulled them over more often because they had to tall of a handle bar or no mirrors. That could become quite expensive over time. So they quickly decided to stop fighting each other but rather stand together against the cops.
There was a statement by the "American Motorcycles Association" - which was not very popular amongst the hardcore bikers - that 99% of motorbike drivers were law obiding citizens which were only interested in motor sports. Only one percent of all bikers would be antisocial barbarians.
As a response to that those "elements" united under a "Onepercenter-Patch" which quickly was added to their regular colors. Now they would be noticed as outlaws at first glance. Very common is the depiction in form of a rhombus.
The first 1%-Tattoos were worn by George Wethern and Sonny Barger (president of Hells Angels MC Oakland) who stranded in Rich's Tattoo Studio after a wild night.

The Iron Cross is closely associated to Germany since here it represents the highest military commendation. It was founded by emperor Friedrich Wilhelm III. of Prussia in 1813 during the war agains Napoleon and consists of silver rimmed iron. It was awarded in all later wars up to Worldwar 1. As opposed to the swastika the iron cross was never removed from the german iconography.

The skull is a widely known symbol of Vanitas and "Memento Mori" which goes to show the bodys limited time on earth and it's inevitable turn to dust. The skull, domicile of the brain, is perceived in many cultures as the vessel of the spirit and the soul and thus as the source for thought and life. Skulls were amongst other things used in alchemy for conversion processes. Vanitas symbols - mostly with moralizing intent - are supoposed to remind of perishability of life and of material goods. Another one of their themes is the escape of everything lively from violent interference. The term "Memento Mori" originated in latin and means literally "Remember to die" (means -that you will have to die). In use is also "Memento Mortis" ("Remember death"). The exhortation "Memento Mori" was already used in the antiquity. A slave in ancient rome would stand behind his successful (in battle) master, who was given a victory parade, holding a laurel wreath and the Jupiter temple crown above his head reminding him without pause of the following:

  • Memento mori: Remember that you will have to die!
  • Memento te hominem esse: Remember that you are human.
  • Respice post te, hominem te esse memento: Look around - think, that you are only human.

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