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Silver Ring - Dragon Claw

Size front: approx. 16mm

Wicked and open handmade claw ring from finest and solid .925 sterling silver in high polished design

Dragon (lat. draco, greek: drákon "snake") is a synonym for saurian mostly winged composite being described in myths and tales. They unite attributes of snakes, crocodiles, lions and horned animals in different variations and sometimes are capable of spitting fire. In general dragons are acompanied with strong spiritual beliefs throughout the worlds cultures and religions. They often are pictured with magical skills or paranormal powers and often are associated to wells, rain and rivers, good fortune and wealth, superhuman wisdom and long life. In some cultures they are attributed with the capability of human speech.
Dragons also can be a symbol for primordial powers overcome by humans, for overcome fears and dangers as well as for chaos. In christian dominated and influenced cultures dragons were and are also symbol for the overcome powers of personified evil and subjugated heathen peoples - but also a symbol for evil sinful tendencies within man.

The dragon was the symbol of the chinese imperial family. The emperor was seated on the "Dragons Throne" and through his exemplary life the entire world was supposed to be positively influenced by the Confucian Ideal.
People born in the year of the dragon are healthy, energetic, long-lived, volatile, impatient and insistent. On the other hand they are reliable, honest, brave and show great self-confidence. They strive for harmony and integrity. They are perfectionists and demand the same from others. They try to only show their best attributes - but sometimes overdo their model role. Dragons have a firm will and are rather successful - whatever they start. Dragons are the most excentric personalities in the chinese zodiac.
They best match with people of the year of the rat, the rooster, the snake or the monkey.
THE YEAR OF THE DRAGON: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000