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Stainless Steel Navel Piercing with various Shell / Stone / Mother of Pearl Inlays

selection: large ball = Ø 10 mm | small ball = Ø 8 mm

barbell length: approx. 10 mm | barbell thickness: approx. 1,2 mm | closure ball: approx. 5 mm

Handmade from natural materials: slight variations in shape, size, colors and patterns are possible

Handmade navel piercing made of 316 L surgical steel with screw closure ball and various inlays

These navel piercings can also be worn as earrings.

    Choose from the following models:
  • Black: Resin in onyx optics
  • Green: Resin mixed with crushed howlite stone in turquoise optics
  • Red: Resin mixed with crushed howlite stone in coral optics
  • Shiva Eye
  • South African Turban Snail
  • Pawa shell / Abalone
  • Light Mother of Pearl

Our piercing jewelry made of stainless steel is due to the skin-friendly properties of the material completely safe for allergy sufferers.