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Stainless Steel Zebra Print Tongue Piercing

Material: 316L Surgical Steel

barbell length: approx. 0 5/8 inches (16mm) | barbell thickness: approx. 0 5/8 inches (1.6mm )

ball: diameter approx. 0 15/64 inches (6mm)

available in white, red, green, pink, brown

1 piece

Tongue piercing made of high grade surgical steel 316L with various colors zebra print

    Select from the following models:
  • Modell : orange / black
  • Modell : pink / black
  • Modell : green / black
  • Modell : red / black
  • Modell : white / black

Our body piercings are absolutely harmless and therefore optimally suitable for persons with allergies through the skin-friendly properties of this material.

    Advantages of stainless steel over silver:
  • no tarnishing of the material
  • no discoloration of skin or clothing
  • much harder than silver and thus practically indestructible
  • durable brilliance due to no corrosion
  • anti-allergenic

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