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Silicone Circular Barbell with Cones

1 Piece

Ø outside / Ø Cone: 4mm = 22mm / 6mm | 6mm = 28mm / 8mm | 8mm = 32mm / 10mm | 10mm = 37mm / 12mm | 12mm = 40mm / 14mm

Circular Barbell made from Silicone with cone tips

Not too soft but still flexible.

Ideally suited for all types of recreational sport activities and for wearring helmets (e.g. Motocycle / Bicycle / Ski and Snowboarders).

Please note: The cones are not detachable!

Our silicon earlets and tubes are absolutely harmless and therefore optimally suitable for persons with allergies through the skin-friendly properties of this material. They are not autoclavable though.