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Pentagram Pendant with Sigil of Baphomet by Fly Style

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The sigil of Baphomet is the symbol of the Church of Satan. It contain the word “Leviathan” written in Hebrew and named the Dragon of the Abyss from the Jewish-Christian mythology.

Baphomet plays a mystical role since the Templars Trials in 1307 since one of the accusations was "worshiping of an idol". Baphomet thus became the reason why the Templars started to be pursued and killed by the church. Until today nobody really knows the hidden secret of Baphomet.
There are many theories about origin and meaning of the word "Baphomet" but none that would be considered valid. "Abufihamet" (pronounced "bufihimat" in Spain during Arab occupation times) means "father of understanding" or "father of wisdom". "Tem Ohp Ab", a ananym of "Ba Pho Met" (read from right to left) has - according to Eliphas Levi - been used by the Templars.

Other common names are "Elves Foot", Pentakel and Pentalpha. From the cathedral works the pentagram came to the freemasonists and became the prominent symbol on their working carpets. As a sign for the fifth science of holy geometry it is aa allegory of rationality, moderation and the truth seeking intellect. It's five tips stand for the virtues of wisdom, justice, strength, moderation and diligence. In a christian interpretation the five tips stand for the five wounds of Jesus Christ. In magic the five-pointed star is probably the most well known symbol. It stands for the four elements fire, water, air and earth surmounted by intellect. In this form (one point up) it is supposed to have the power to avert evil and draw good spirits.

The seal of Baphomet / Leviathan is the symbol of the Church of Satan - diameter of 30 mm

Surgical Steel 316L is much harder than silver, does not stain, hypoallergenic and retains a lasting shine

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