Shiva Eye Pendant Sterling Silver many sizes

1 piece round silver shell pendant (without chain) set in fine 925 sterling silver

Choose your favorite stone size: Diameter approx.: 12 mm – 16 mm – 19 mm – 24 mm – 27 mm – 34 mm - 39 mm – 50 mm

Unique shell jewellery that can be worn on both sides

You will receive a black, waterproof and waxed cotton band with your pendant for free

Wearable as a Talisman, Memorabilia & Guardian Angel in Ethno Look - Boho Style

Silver with Shiva eye shell made by hand set in highly polished 925 sterling silver.

Handmade from the protective shell of the turban snail.
Radiant shiva eye spiral for positive energy.

Please note the different structuring of the eye in the different sizes (see pictures).

    Choose your favorite stone size: Choose from the following diameters::
  • approx. 12 mm - 16mm - 19mm - 24mm - 27mm - 34mm - 39mm - 50mm.

The Shiva-eye is a part of the turban snail, which lives in reefs at a depth of about 20 meters, especially in the Indian Ocean.
The snail pushes with its muscular strength, if danger appears and it forms the so-called Shiva eye protection. After the death of the snail, the stone dissolves and can be collected and are often found on the beach. The inside of the case contains the mother-of-pearl. Although they are purely organic, they are considered gemstones.

Each piece of jewellery is handmade and unique, therefore no piece is like the other.
Handmade from natural materials: variations in shape, color and structure possible.
The focus on nature and traditional craftsmanship characterizes Fly Style.

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