Square Byzantine king chain or bracelet 9 mm thick made of stainless steel

18-carat partially gold-plated (vacuum-plated) surgical stainless steel

Closed with a stable lobster clasp

suitable pendants should have an opening of at least 10.5 millimeters

10 cm of the chain, 9 mm thick, weighs approx. 23 grams

Square curb chain or bracelet made of surgical stainless steel with a thickness of 9 millimeters.

The gold-plated links were vacuum-plated with 18k gold.

These noble chains are closed with a stable lobster clasp, which prevents unintentional loosening. In combination with a pendant, you should note that the eyelet of the pendant should have an opening of at least 10.5 millimeters to fit this chain.

The design is based on the traditional Byzantine braid pattern, which is several thousand years old, and is elaborately handcrafted in a selected manufactory.

During the cool down period of the casting process molten stainless steel forms a layer of chromium oxide. This reduces the contact of the skin with the low nickel content and makes the material hypoallergenic and also lowers the possibility of proliferation of microorganisms and bacteria. Surgical steel is thus first choice for newly made piercings.

  • no discoloring of the skin or clothing
  • much harder than silver and practically indestructible
  • long lasting shine (corrosion-free)

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