Necklace made of 925 Sterling Silver with Dragons

Handicraft - small deviations of motif and finish possible

The chain is 4 millimeters wide

Size of the dragon skull: approx. 20 x 9 x 7 millimeters

Depending on the length, the weight is between approximately 53 and 62 grams

The hook fastener protects against unintentional loosening

Solid necklace with knot pattern and dragon heads:

Handmade from solid 925 silver. Each chain a special, original piece of jewelry.
Looks powerful and feels comfortable on the skin thanks to the rounded profile.

These noble chains are closed with a stylish hook clasp that prevents unintentional loosening.

Silver Jewelry will turn black over time. This is a normal process during which silver reacts with oxygen and sweat but also ingredients of for example skin care products. For cleaning purposes we recommend silver cleaning cloth. These are soaked with chemicals which solve silver sulfide and take on the black residue. However during this manual process small amounts of actual siver are removed as well. Do not polish silver plated jewelry in this manner too often! We always recommend to take off silver jewelry during manual labor, while performing sports and in the shower or sauna.

Dragon (latin draco, greek drákon, "Snake") is a synonym for lizard-like, mostly winged hybrids described in mythologies and fairy tales. They combine properties of snakes, crocodiles, lions as well as horn-bearing and fire-breathing ones in different variations. In general, dragons stand for liberation and unleashing and are endowed with strong spiritual meanings in various cultures and religions worldwide. Often they are thought to be gifted with magical abilities or supernatural powers and are often associated with wells, rain and rivers, happiness and prosperity, superhuman wisdom and long life. In some cultures they are attributed the cognitive abilities of human language. In Asia, the mythical creature is considered a lucky charm.
Dragons can also be a symbol for the primordial powers conquered by man, but also primeval fears and dangers not conquered, that exist underground as well as chaos. In Christian dominated and influenced cultures dragons did and do symbolize the overcome forces of the personified evil and subjugated missionized, unchristian nations, but also the evil sinful forces of man.
In Celtic tradition, dragons were assigned to the four elements (fire, water, earth, air). One differentiated between water dragons, earth dragons, air dragons and fire dragons and therefore connected the dragons with creative and magical primal forces.

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