Concave Wood Top Hat Plug - Zebra Tamarind

The offer refers to 1 piece. When buying 2 pieces we ship a matching pair

Each piece is a handmade unique piece therefore slight variations in shape, color, structure and size (+/- 1 mm) are possible

Optimal hold in the ear due to the saddle shape of the plug and very high quality finish

Extraordinary individual piercing jewellery for women and men - intended for everyday life or for special moments

Natural wood plug made of tamarind wood carved in a concave shape (both sides are arched inwards)

This plug is a handmade uniue piece of light wood from the tamarind trees(Tamarindus indica).

This tunnel is concave, which means that the front and back buckle inwards.

Each tunnel is a handmade one-of-a-kind, no tunnel is like the other, because each piece of wood is always unique in color and grain.

Fly Style focus on naturalness and traditional craftsmanship.

Organic wood flesh tunnel (absolutely hypoallergenic) Piercing jewelry for women and men - intended for everyday wear or for special moments.

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Wooden tunnels and jewelry from different organic materials (e.g. wood, horn and bone) provide great comfort due to their light weight. As opposed to piercing jewelry from artificial materials or metals the development of odors while wearing them is greatly reduced. This article is available in different sizes and as custom-made oversize product. When used properly the jewelry is harmless but cannot be sterilized.

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