Obsidian Ear Plug in different colors

The offer refers to 1 piece. When buying 2 pieces we ship a matching pair

Each piece is unique, therefore slight variations in shape, color, structure, size (+/- 1mm) are possible

Optimum hold due to the saddle shape of the plug

This naturally occurring stone has a unique colorful glow and it is an exceptional rarity

Noble natural materials and very good craftsmanship - intended for everyday use or for special moments

Obsidian = volcanic glass. These naturally occurring stones are an exceptionally rarity.

Its special feature: these handmade colored rainbow obsidians, show a beautiful shimmer with beautiful color variations also under the trade name "Java Obsidian".

The name comes from Obsius, a Roman who, according to legend, brought the first of these stones to Rome.

Each stone plug is handmade and unique, because every piece of obsidian is always unique in color and shimmer. The shimmer is best seen in direct sunlight.

Organic jewelry for women and men - intended for everyday use or for special moments - characterized by noble natural materials and very good craftsmanship.

Thanks to the skin-friendly properties of the material, our organic jewelry is completely harmless to allergy sufferers, but not autoclavable.

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