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Horn Plug with Bone Inlay "Celtic Triqueta"

Black horn plug from the American Buffalo - handwork and traditional craftsmanship

Celtic jewelry with traditional Triquetra / Triskel symbol in sizes 6 - 12 mm

Jewelry made of organic materials (such as wood, horn and bone) offers the best wearing comfort due to its light weight and unlike piercing jewelry made of plastics or metals, the odor is greatly reduced during use

Slight variations in shape, color, structure and size (+/- 1 mm) possible

Indonesian handcrafted ear plug from buffalo horn with inlays from bone!

The Triqueta also called Triquetta or Triquetra, consists of three connected arcs. The name is latin in origin and means "triangular" or "knot of trinity" or simply "triangle".
The triquetra is worn for spiritual inspiration and to increase witchcraft skills. With this symbol it is obvious that it consists of three yonis in a circle. Either yoni and circle are symbols for the feminine sex. The three yonis stand for the three states of the goddess (virgin, mother and the wise old). The circle symbolizes the unity of these three states. It is not three different goddesses but one single trinity. After the rise of christianity this thouroughly female symbol was abused by the church to symbolize their thouroughly male god.
The triquetra also stands for special protection and unity.

Jewelry from organic materials (e.g. wood, horn and bone) provide great comfort due to their light weight. As opposed to piercing jewelry from artificial materials or metals the development of odors while wearing them is greatly reduced. This article is available in different sizes and as custom-made oversize product. When used properly the jewelry is harmless but cannot be sterilized.