Tribal Wood Spiral Stretcher - Seraphin

1 Piece

Handmade from natural materials: slight variations in thickness (+/-1mm), shape, size, colors and patterns are possible.

The stretcher is approx. length / width: 58/30 millimeter at size 6 millimeter

The stretcher is approx. length / width: 70/35 millimeter at size 12 millimeter

Detailed handcrafted ear spiral stretcher from Sono Wood in shape of wings

Wings in popular belief are a symbol for the heavenly and ulterior world and thus for hope for eternal love and life before and after death.

Jewelry made of organic materials (eg wood, horn and bone) by offering your best comfort and lightness in contrast to piercing jewelry made of plastics or metals, the odor when wearing massively reduced. This item is available in various sizes and also custom-made in large sizes. During the normal use of the jewelry is safe but not sterilized.

Many rosewoods have a noticeable aroma even when dry, which led to its name in English. So for example Rio rosewood has an almond-like sweet aroma and the East Indian sonokeling rosewood a sharp aromatic smell.

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