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Organic Hoop Earrings "Feather" from American Buffalo Bone

1 Pair

Diameter: approx. 15 mm | Width: approx. 13 mm

Handmade from natural materials: slight variations in size, color, form and material structures are possible

Lovingly handcrafted and detailed carved hoop earrings / ear cuffs from american buffalo bone

The thickness of the pins is approx. 1.2mm - for normal ear holes.

Feathers had a sacral meaning already for the Egyptians. After a person died his or her soul was weighted against a feather (maat). The soul not heavier than the feather bore no sins. For many peoples of the world the feather was and is a symbol for the element air.

Our organic earrings are absolutely harmless and therefore optimally suitable for persons with allergies through the skin-friendly properties of this material. They are not autoclavable though.

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