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Turban Snail Earrings 925 Silver

Natural jewelry with a turban snail set in 925 sterling silver

1 pair of silver earrings. Dimensions: length (with hooks): approx. 50 mm, width 12 mm

A charming gift for women and teenagers in the ethnic - boho style

Handmade from natural materials: variations in shape, color and structure possible

Beautiful handcrafted turbo snail earrings with 925 sterling silver hook

Turban Snail (Turban Petholatus):
Unique jewelry from the sea - and legendary protective stone. The Turban snailalso called top shell; is a special kind of shellfish that occurs in the tropical depths of the seas of our earth. The name of the turban snail comes from its case, which looks like a turban. The snail pushes with its muscular strength - if danger comes - a kind of lid - the so-called Shiva eye so to speak as protection in front of the shell.

925 silver
... also called sterling silver that derives from the early English silver pennies (sterlings). It consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals such as copper. In addition to the material value 925 silver has other advantages: Due to the copper content it is significantly harder than 999 fine silver, less prone to "tarnishing" than other types of silver (for example, 800 silver or 835 silver).

Cleaning & Care
Silver jewelry reacts with sweat, body cosmetics and cleansing agents by tarnishing. For this reason, we recommend that you do not wear your silver ornaments during your house work, gardening, sports, showering or sauna. For cleaning we recommend silver cleaning cloths. These are soaked with chemical substances and dissolve the silver sulfide. Your cleaning cloth will turn black. The advantage is that the material removal is lower than during polishing.

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