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Striped Wood Bangle Width 27 mm (3 sizes)

A first-class duo. Brown Sonokeling wood meets light crocodile wood

Hand-carved wood jewelry to match your boho style

Dimensions: Width 1 1/16 inches (2.7cm) | 3 diameters: 2 9/32 inches (5.8cm) | 2 13/32 inches (6.1cm) | 2 19/32 inches (6.6 cm) | opening: 1 19/64 inches (3.3 cm)

A noble birthday, engagement, wedding ,anniversary or Christmas gift for women

Handmade from natural wood: variations in shape, color and structure possible

Handmade brown sono wood and light crocodile wood bangle

This wood bangle is a very special piece of jewelry.
It is artfully made of two types of wood: brown Sono wood / Sonokeling wood (East Indian rosewood) and light crocodile wood / satinwood (Panggal Buaya)

The article has a width of 27 millimeters and is available in 3 different sizes sizes / diameters.

Wood jewelry has a special allure. Each piece is handmade and unique in shape and color.
The focus on nature and traditional craftsmanship characterizes Fly Style.

Many types of rosewood have a noticeable aroma even when dry, which led to its name in English. So for example Rio rosewood has an almond-like sweet aroma and the East Indian sonokeling rosewood a sharp aromatic smell.

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