925 Silver Bangle with Braid Pattern - extra wide

925 silver bangle hand forged by the Karen Hill Tribe

Concave with rounded edges for a comfortable fit

The band is approx.50 mm wide and tapers towards the ends

Inner circumference of approx. 5 29/32 inches (15 cm) and can be adjusted by slight bending to a circumference of approx. 8 17/64 inches (21 cm)


Weight: approx. 40 grams

Original sterling silver Karen Hill Tribe bangle in antique braided pattern

Extra-wide concave bangle in excellent craftsmanship.

The bracelet has a 50 mm wide band. Despite the weight of 40 grams, the bangle has a comfortable wear. The bracelet has an inner circumference of about 15 cm and can be adjusted by bending to a circumference of about 21 cm.

Cleaning & Care
Silver jewelry reacts with sweat, body cosmetics and cleansing agents by tarnishing. For this reason, we recommend that you do not wear your silver ornaments during your house work, gardening, sports, showering or sauna. For cleaning we recommend silver cleaning cloths. These are soaked with chemical substances and dissolve the silver sulfide. Your cleaning cloth will turn black. The advantage is that the material removal is lower than during polishing.

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