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Ebony Wood Ear Plug with Golden Madrone Burl Wood Inlay 16 - 30 mm

The offer refers to 1 piece. Each piece is unique. When buying 2 pieces, we will send a matching pair

Black ebony double flared ear plugs with golden madrone burl wood inlay

Pleasant and secure fit in the ear due to the saddle shape of the plugs

Handmade from natural materials: slight variations in size (+/- 1 mm), shape, color and structure possible

Extremely rare ebony wood ear plug with golden madrone burl wood inlay.

Limited edition! Very rare type of wood. This handmade, two-tone plug artfully combines ebony wood and a golden madrone burl wood inlay with spotted structure that reminds of a soft animal fur. The ear plug is available in sizes 16 mm - 30 mm.

The main areas that they can be found are in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Also known is the trade name Medang.
Due to the unique grain, it is often used in decorative areas such as noble pieces of furniture, knife handles or even guitar bodies. The wood is dense, hard and medium heavy. Golden Madrone has a very velvety surface with a pronounced and coarse grain. This results, after the surface being treated in an intense three-dimensional and particularly decorative appearance.

Due to the saddle shape of the ear plugs - narrower in the middle - no holding rubber rings are necessary. The plug sits perfectly on the ear and does not slip.

Jewelry made of organic materials (such as wood, horn and bone) provides the best wearing comfort due to its lightness and unlike piercing jewelry made of plastics or metals, the odor formation is greatly reduced and suitable for allergy sufferers. When used correctly, the jewelry is harmless but cannot be sterilized.

Each plug is handmade and unique in color and shape.
Handmade from natural materials: slight variations in size (+/- 1 mm) shape, color and structure possible.
The focus on nature and traditional craftsmanship characterizes Fly Style.

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