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Freemason Templar Ring York Rite 316L Stainless Steel In Hoc Signo Vinces

The offer refers to one piece - wide range of ring sizes available

Surgical steel 316L rings are much harder than silver, do not stain, are hypoallergenic and retain their permanent shine without corrosion

The size of the seal is 20 mm - Slight variations in size (+/- 0.3mm), color and appearance are possible due to manual work

The seal shows a Templar cross placed on top of two crossed swords - a crowned cross. The inscription IN HOC SIGNO VINCES is written around these symbols

    In addition to the symbols already mentioned, this signet ring is also decorated with the following symbols:
  • A skull with crossbones: the Skull & Bones, an elite association of business and political figures
  • Templar Cross: Badge of the Templar Knights. The ends (paws) symbolize the spiritual power paired with the courage of the knights

In Hoc Signo Vinces
The American Knights Templar Order and the York Rite lead this motto with the meaning "In this sign you will conquer"

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