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925 Sterling Silver Viking Necklace with 2 dragon heads

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Massive necklace with Celtic knot pattern and two dragon heads as clasp

Made by hand made of solid 925 silver which makes each necklace a special, original piece of jewelry.
Looks amazing and it is very comfortable on the skin.

Our chains are made of 925 sterling silver and are of course stamped. These noble chains are closed with a stylish hook clasp, which prevents unintentional loosening.
The weight is between approx. 53 and 62 grams, depending on the length. The chain is approx 4 mm thick.

The dragon fascinates people to this day. The dragon has a magical power. It stands for liberation and unleashing.
In the Celtic tradition, the dragons were associated to the four elements.
They can be distinguished between water dragons, earth dragons, air and fire dragons which connects therefore the dragons with the creative and magical primal forces. In Asia, this mythical creature is considered a lucky charm.

Artfully forged 925 sterling silver bracelet with 2 dragon heads as clasp | Handmade small variations possible

The chain is 5/32 inch (4 mm) wide and ensures a comfortable fit due to the rounded profile

The dragon skulls are approx. 25/32 x 23/64 x 9/32 inch (20 x 9 x 7 mm) in size

Depending on the length, the weight is between approx. 53 and 62 grams

Hook clasp protects against unintentional loosening

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