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Shiva Eye Horn Flesh Plug (6-22 mm)

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Handmade horn plug from black buffalo horn combined with mysterious shiva eye shell

The plug was carved and polished by hand from American buffalo horn.
Select a size between (6-22mm).

Due to the saddle shape - narrower in the middle - no holding rubbers are needed and the plug sits optimally on the ear and does not slip.

Each plug is handmade and unique in color and shape. The focus in nature and traditional craftsmanship characterizes Fly Style.

Jewelry made of organic materials (eg wood, horn and bone) offers the best wearing comfort due to its lightness and in contrast to piercing jewelry made of plastics or metals, the odor is greatly reduced when worn and is suitable for allergy sufferers. When used as intended, the jewelry is harmless but not sterilizable.

The Shiva-eye is a part of the turban-snail, which lives in reefs at a depth of about 20 meters, especially in the Indian Ocean. When danger comes, the snail with its muscle power pushes a lid, the so-called Shiva eye, as protection against their shell. After the natural demise of this snail, the stone dissolves and is released into nature. The spiral on the Shiva eye symbolizes positive energy in the purest form. It is a jewel to protect against evil forces and will eternally watch over its wearer. This special gemstone has a unique and mysterious appearance.

The offer refers to 1 piece. When buying 2 pieces, we send a matching pair

Black buffalo horn double flared plugs with mysterious Shiva eye shell

Pleasant and secure fit in the ear due to the saddle shape of the plug

Handmade from natural materials: variations in shape (+/- 1 mm), color and structure possible

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