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"Mushroom Plugs" get their name from their shape, which is reminiscent of a mushroom. The front of the plug or tunnel is much larger than the actual part sitting in the ear lobe and thus not only offers a lot of space for motifs and decorations but also essentially looks much larger than a regular plug or tunnel. The back is usually shaped like a classic flared or saddle plug, meaning slightly wider (approx. 1 mm more) than the size of the lobe hole. So it fits securely and cannot fall out. There are also versions without flares (wider rim) which are fixed with a rubber ring.

In the 50s and 60s especially in the USA, dice were hung in pairs on the rear-view mirror of cars to signal that the driver were ready to race. Thus dice are also signs of combat readiness. In addition they are often associated with gambling or "Life is a gamble". They often represent special numbers (for example lucky numbers or special dates).

Spirit Animal Owl: As a shamanic power animal, the owl is a meaningful healer in veterinary medicine and supports in overcoming hidden fears. Owl energy brings strength in troubled times, gives the ability to recognize connections and drives away the dark shadows of the soul.