Iron Cross Stainless Steel Men's Ring 15 mm Wide

Iron Cross biker ring for men with 15 mm wide band in different sizes (18.1 - 24.9 mm)

Your advantages: Much harder than silver, lasting shine, no staining on the skin or clothing

Pleasant wearing comfort: only 16 grams

The Iron Cross also called German Cross still adorns the arms of the German armed forces today

Men's ring made of highly polished 316L stainless steel with 15 mm wide band and 6 iron crosses

The Iron Crossis associated as a coat of arms symbol with Germany, as it represented the highest military award. It was created by Emperor Frederick William III of Prussia in 1813 in the war against Napoleon and consisted of silver edged iron. It was awarded in all later wars until the end of the Second World War and is today still a symbol of the German armed forces.

The used 316L Surgical Steel is characterized by special properties:
It has a chromium oxide shell, which prevents the nickel content from penetrating the body. As a result, it is hypoallergenic and also reduces the micro-bacteria due to its surface qualities. It is therefore also used for first use piercings. Further advantages: No staining on the skin or clothing, much harder than silver and thus practically indestructible, lasting shine: corrosion-free.

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